Graan#29 Humans the Size of Microphones – Human Crop Circles lp

GRAAN#29 Humans The Size of Microphones – Human Crop Circles lp

HTSOM, although an obscure noughties-era UK outfit that didn’t get out of the South coast area much, were utterly amazing. A crashing, bashing, chaotic agglomeration of old-skool Ebullition styled emo, their live shows were legendary, and not just because they sometimes wore massive afro wigs or the bassist used an old pair of trouwers for a strap. I’m glad to have seen them a couple of times.

Drummer John recorded this at his own studio, where various luminaries such as Electric Wizard, No, Facel Vega, Hunting Lodge and Field Boss have also recorded. HTSOM were in fact slated to do a split with Electric Wizard at one point.

This lp compiles the demo and 5 unreleased tracks which are just too good (in our opinion) to just be stuck away in a file on some computer.

Recorded at Chuckalumba Studios

John T Baptist – Drums / Transport
Pete Sake – Guitar/ Tractor Driving
James Hasbeen – Bass / Fresh Herbs

Co-released with Superfi Records

Ltd. to 147 copies on black.