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graanrepubliek.records at


Yes i do trade BUT i’m not trading everything and i’m running out of stuff (which is kind of the plan). I don’t trade for cd’s or tapes and there’s loads of music i don’t want to trade for. Take a look in the shop and releases list  so you can figure out for yourself whether i’d be interested or not.


Yes and quite cheap.

Your bands release in the shop?

Yes but again, as with trades; i don’t take everything. Have a look at the shop and releases and think first whether i’d be interested in taking your bands release in for distribution.

Should you sent your bands demo?

No probably not. I’m done releasing. Obviously, never say never, but for now i’m pretty confident this is it.


I stopped doing shows in Groningen, unless your bands name is in the releases section. So please don’t ask.

Thanks, Mark