Graan#25 Bismuth / Undersmile split LP

bismuth undersmile front

GRAAN #25 Bismuth / Undersmile split LP

Here it is. I’m very proud to present this split LP release. Probably the darkest, and at the same time most quiet record I’ve helped put out so far. It might sound a bit awkward but this record doesn’t stand out in how many guitars are being used or how low they are tuned (well ok, that does matter) but it’s the overall sound which makes it so incredibly massive. Bismuth are a two piece from Nottingham with only bass and drums. On this release they come with one track not unlike their debut tape The Eternal Marshes. Amp worship and wonderfully executed drone landscapes. So beautiful and so intense, it makes me want to pull out my hair (if i had any). On the other side comes Undersmile from Witney with a very long tune that suits perfectly with the Bismuth side. As with their counterparts it’s the sum of the parts that make the track. It doesn’t have huge guitar walls or rumbling bass. But it’s dark and gorgeous. It will make you drift away in spooky and scary dreams or nightmares if you will. The track itself reminds me a lot of bands like Bell Witch or Ensorcelor. Excellent pairing of bands and music. The signature artwork is done by Tony Roberts which again fits perfectly with the music of both bands.

This a co-release between Graanrepubliek Records, Tartarus Records and At War With False Noise.

Pressing info:
100 on red/black vinyl (mailorder only)
200 on black vinyl


released 13 January 2014
Artwork by Tony Roberts


Sleeping Shaman

No Clean Singing