WOLVON – ease lp out now!!!

Wolvon. Heavy guitar walls. Loads of hair. Pounding drums and distortion. Beards. All coming together in dreamy pop melodies. Indie. Or shoegaze if that matters to you. Jumping on the bandwagon. Though i’m more intimidated by everything they have and i lack. Wolvon is a live force. So good it needs to be heard and seen. It took a little over a year and a few drummers to complete this new lp. Nine tracks of beauty, madness and brilliance by some of the best people in the game. A game which i’m honoured to play with them. From Groningen.

limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

15/01/2017 update

There’s been a little remodelling of the shop section. Just three sections now

Humans the Size of Microphones – Human Crop Circles lp is down to the last 10 copies, Bismuth dlp to 1 copy. Don’t sit on it. Gone is gone.

– mark