Hey everyone,

The Moloch / Haggatha split 7″ is out now!!!

All who pre ordered from me should get their copy in the mail next week. The bands and other labels involved will have their copies not too long after that as well. I know Dry Cough and Choking Hazard will be trading and selling their copies to other distro’s so copies should be widely available next weeks.

and obviously you can still order it from me. I have a few white copies left in case you’re interested.

Order and listen here now!

Labels and distro’s get in touch for wholesale and trades.

Next up (sooner and probably later):
Crows- better of dead lp (artwork being worked on)
Pig Heart Transplant – for mass consumption lp (europress, artwork being worked on)
Humans the Size of Microphones – discography lp (yes!)
Plague Survivors lp

Any questions or info please mail me at graanrepubliek.records at

Cheers, Mark