Hello, welcome to the temporary Graanrepubliek Records website. After more than a decade of living in denial i decided it was time for something new. Not this which you’re looking at right now, but a proper new one, which will hopefully be real sometime in the next two months. It’s mainly going to look much better but will probably also come with an online shop and maybe some other features. We’ll see. However in the meantime the old website wasn’t working that great either anymore so i decided to replace it with this for now. So mainly short updates and the complete distro list.

Having said that, you can also sign up for the mailinglist we put out every now and then. See the signup form below.

The Pine Barrens / Grinding Halt split 7” is out now!!

Moloch / Haggatha split 7” is waiting on some artwork. Crows lp is recorded i think. Humans the size of Microphones lp is postponed untill september but still very much happening. Somewhere in there a Plague Survivors 12” should be released as well….busy!

Any questions or info please mail me at graanrepubliek.records at

Cheers, Mark